bullet How to raise a woman’s serotonin level so she’ll be “addicted” to you! (Men, this makes women sexually excited AND can keep her that way)
( in Shortcut Number 4)
bullet Get nervous around women or come across awkward when trying to speak with a woman? Well my “channeling technique” (discussed in shortcut number 6) will teach you how to “own your power” so you’ll be comical, charismatic, and smooth.
bullet Ever noticed that some women go for jerks or bad boys? Ever be heartbroken because a woman left you for a classless jerk? My “Suppression concept” teaches why this happens- and how you can be the man that holds her passion, interest, and that naughty mystery she craves
(read shortcut number 8)
bullet Want to control your conversations with women so they head in the direction that you want them to go? Want control over your interactions and outcomes with women? Here’s a crazy one… want the power to make a woman “shut-up” when you want her to- and have her RESPECT you for it???
(Just read shortcut number 2)


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